About Us


We went to to great lengths to put "ethical" and "affordable" in the same sentence. Here's how:

Frustrated with the lack of ethical, on-trend options for women on a budget, we came up with a plan to sell our pieces at a lower price, using a “bare-bones” business model we copied from ultra low-cost airline Allegiant Air.

Companies like Allegiant are very transparent, and put their dollars where it counts. We've heard them say “you’re paying for a seat and a seatbelt, that’s it”… and that's what we've tried to do with our clothing line.

Most fashion companies focus their spending on photography, glitzy head offices, custom packaging, and online advertising. But with this model, product quality often falls dead last. We've turned this model on it’s head, cutting every extra expense except the product itself, providing an unheard of value proposition.


What we DON'T do:


Retail storefronts

Most fashion companies have to account for wholesale and retail in their margins. Staffing, storefront leases, and expensive furniture and decor eat away at cashflow and brands are often forced to either lower their quality, or up their prices.

We've done away with all of that so we can keep our prices low without sacrificing quality or ethics.

In order to pull this off, we've tried to make our website as self-serve as possible, with a huge FAQ page, and a self-serve returns portal. On top of that, we're always here to chat via. email if you have any questions.


Bells / whistles

"Minimalism is not about deprivation, but intentionality"

You know those little cards, magnets, pins and stickers you sometimes get in an online order? We often think of those things as "freebies" but they're not actually free: they've been carefully worked into the margins of that product you ordered: you paid for those things whether you wanted to or not.

For us, this means our website is simple, our photography is DIY, and our packaging is not custom. We even stopped using hangtags! (Because aren't those the product of a traditional retail environment anyway??)

Not only is this a less wasteful approach, but it simply allows us to put more of our dollars into providing you with luxury clothing at an affordable price.


Deceptive discounts

Many companies artificially mark up their products so that they have the "wiggle room" to eventually mark down their items during sale season.

We've decided to be as up-front as possible with our pricing, leaving no room for discounts of any kind. This means we can't offer things like free shipping, but it also means you know you're getting the absolute best price every single time.

When you shop with us, you can feel safe knowing that the pricing we offer is the absolute lowest we can go, and you don't need to wonder if you "should have waited for it to go on sale".

This is also why we list comparison pricing on every product: to illustrate our old pricing model vs. the new one.

We come up with comparison prices using our “old” method of pricing we used before we re-launched. These prices reflect a more traditional markup which includes wholesale margins, the cost of the garment itself, plus other miscellaneous costs like photo shoots, custom packaging, and marketing.

We’d encourage you to make wise and informed decisions as a buyer, and do your own research! Ask questions, and find out why you’re paying what you pay with other companies.

Our Ideal World:

We'd like to imagine a world where ethical practices in the marketplace are the standard, not the exception.

Remember a few years ago, when buying Organic was almost unheard of? Now look where we are: Amazon is buying out Whole Foods and Walmart can hardly keep up.

This is what happens when we "vote with our dollars" for the world we want to see in the future. Enough people decided they believed organic was better, and companies were forced to fill that need, at a competitive price.

We see a future where ethical manufacturing and affordable prices will no longer be an oxymoron, but a standard for fashion companies across the board. And we want to be a big part of that change.


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